Find the One This Time Around

a guy wearing glasses playing a video game

After a long day at work, you get some takeout on the way home, take off your jeans, and eat while watching Community on TV. No one’s home but you. The rest of your night will include a round of Xbox with the boys and some iron lifting. You can do what you want whenever you want. So why would you want to give up that freedom to do what someone else wants, especially if those somethings could be rather feminine?Love, that’s what. Not sappy Notebook love, but actual love that’s not in a Nicholas Sparks book. If you’re prone to “me time” rather than sharing yourself, you’re going to end up alone the longer you turn to the PS3 over a young lady. Do you really want to realize you’re 40 and all your friends are too busy with their kids to hang out whenever you want?

The Right Match

Let’s talk about getting it together to find the right one. Perhaps she’ll just want to sit on the sofa reading a book while you play Skyrim. Not all relationships require sacrificing everything you want for something they want. It’s give and take. You can still have your solitude if you find the right match.

The Give and Take

When you’re in a relationship, you can’t afford to be selfish. People always say you’re allowed, but if you’re both giving 100% of yourself all the time, there is no need to be selfish. You automatically get what you want and need. You can find the balance with a little give and take.

Why It’s Worth It

You may be wondering why it’s worth it? Why “give up freedom” for a girl? You’re not giving up who you are and your freedom when you love someone. You just shift. When you find the right one, it won’t be hard to choose a walk over a round of GTA.